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Freebie posts will generally be accepted for non-profit-making reasons, including:

* Lost and found notices
* Wanted adverts (but not "buyer wanted for single scull....")
* Reminders about closing dates or changed information for regattas
* Charity events
* Alumni events
* Help wanted in organising activities
* Accommodation wanted
* other good causes
* and may include further reasons at the discretion of the Rowing Service.

Posts which will NOT be allowed for free: include items for sale (especially boats, unless they're being given away), and other activities which bring income to individuals or clubs (other than standard ARA rowing events).
Please do not try to combine genuine non-profit messages with profit-making adverts in the same freebie post. It will be edited.

Freebie posts cannot be edited by you, so please check it is correct before submitting.
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If you want to make a complex case for a freebie, you can email after submitting it. There is no need to request a freebie post if you already have a username and password for the site.

Note that 'title' means the title/headline for the post, not your own name.

Scam alert - a spammer called John Hilbert has been emailing people selling items on this page - he is a fraudster running a traditional money-back scam. I have updated the Scams and spams advice page to include his entire email. Note that he is getting round the email address protection I run by typing in the addresses himself, which we can't stop. Just ignore any email you receive from him and don't worry about it. If you don't reply, there is nothing he can do. His current address is but this might change.

NOTE: - when making a post, 'title' means a caption/subject heading for your notice, not your personal title.

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